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Why Our Attribution Is Superior

#1: Native Salesforce Attribution uses standard Salesforce Campaigns. This means you have full control over your data, can utilize Salesforce reports and dashboards, and our solution will integrate seamlessly with your marketing automation platform.

First Touch
Last Touch
Equal Weight
Time Decay

#2: Many Attribution Models to Meet Your Needs

We support all the leading attribution models including First Touch, Last Touch, Equal Weight, Time Decay, and U-Shaped. Can't decide which model is best for your business? Run multiple models as each model gives you additional insight and perspective on campaign performance.

#3: Apply Attribution Retroactively

Already using Salesforce Campaigns? Or maybe you have CSV files and lists in your marketing automation platform? Attribution can apply our attribution models on your existing data, which means you get value on Day 1 of implementing our solution.


#4: Opportunity-Based and Account-Based Attribution

Do you have large enterprise deals and your sales team diligently attaches contacts to opportunities? Opportunity-based attribution is for you! Or maybe you have a transactional sale and/or your sales team doesn't attached contacts to opportunities? In this case, account-based attribution is what you're after!

#5: Opportunity Value and Lifetime Value Attribution

With Attribution we make it easy to apply attribution weights against the opportunity amount and/or the lifetime value of the account giving you an accurate, complete picture of how your campaigns contributed to pipeline and revenue.

Opportunity Value
Lifetime Value


#6: Sourced, Accelerated, and Influenced Attribution

Want to understand all touchpoints before an opportunity is created? Use sourced attribution. Want to know all touchpoints after an opportunity is created? Use accelerated attribution? Or maybe you want to know all touchpoints of the full buying journey? Use influenced attribution.

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