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Why Lead-to-Account Matching for Salesforce?

Go 100% Account-Based
To properly implement an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Sales strategy Leads need to be matched to Accounts in Salesforce.
Proper Lead Routing
Route Leads to the correct Salesforce user 100% of the time by relying on Account Owner as the source of truth.
Shorten Lead Capture Forms
Drastically reduce the amount of fields on lead capture forms by relying on Account data to route and score the Lead.
Increase Conversion Rates
Enable sales reps to easily view an Account holistically and prospect the entire buying committee to improve conversions.
Improve Reporting
Tracking KPIs and Metrics from Contacts and Accounts will enable a more simplified and accurate view of performance.
Optimize Lead Nurturing
By working off Account data, marketing teams can easily include/exclude segments and deliver targeted content to the right personas.
Prevent Duplicates
Since Leads are matched to Accounts in real-time, there is less of a chance of accidentally creating a duplicate Account.
Enhance Productivity
Sales and marketing will spend less time researching and updating Salesforce and more time doing their day-to-day jobs.

How It Works

#1: Summarizes All Email Domains on Each Account

Each Contact on an Account is scanned and all unique Email Domains are summarized on the Account, so as Contacts are added to Accounts your Lead-to-Account Matching gets smarter!

#2: Matches Leads to Accounts Based on Email Domain

In real-time, new Leads are matched to Accounts and, if configured, Lead Owner is automatically updated to the Account Owner.

#3 (optional): Converts Leads to Matched Accounts

Automatically convert Leads to Matched Accounts and, if configured, during the conversion process set a custom Converted Status and update the Contact Owner to the Account Owner.


Multi-Domain Support
Most enterprise organizations have 2+ active Email Domains. will identify them all.
Real-Time Matching
Lead-to-Account matching happens in real-time, which means Leads are always routed to the correct Salesforce user.
Dynamically Update Ownership
In real-time, update Lead and Contact Owners to match Account Owner. Never route a prospect to the wrong user again!
Effortless Management
Since is 100% automated, it means little-to-no day-to-day management.
Advanced Suppression
Suppress Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and even entire Email Domains (ie from being matched and/or converted.
Configurable Scheduling
Schedule to run when it is right for your business or run it manually any time.
Geography-Based Matching
Have multiple Accounts in different geographies with the same email domain? No problem. Turn Geography Match on for those select Accounts.
Retroactively Match Leads
Already have Leads in Salesforce that need matching? Or maybe you created a new Account and need to match existing Leads to the Account? No problem with
Native Salesforce is a 100% native Salesforce application making it easy to install and manage.
Custom Converted Status
During the conversion process, set a custom "Converted Status" to track Leads that automatically converted.

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