Why Fractional Marketing Operations?

More Cost-Effective Than Full-Time Hire
Most early stage growth companies don't need a full-time marketing operations employee. A fractional hire enables your team to focus on growing the business without breaking the bank.
Bring Top Talent Into Your Company
A fractional hire enables you to bring top talent, expertise, and experience into your organization. A solid operations foundation is critical as your company grows and scales.
Draw On Years Of Experience
We've worked with B2B companies across different industries with various go-to-marketing strategies, so we've seen it all. We'll draw on this experience to accelerate the growth of your organization.
Grow With Your Company
Our fractional services are designed to grow with your company. The ultimate goal is for us to help hire, onboard, and train your first full-time marketing operations employee.

A Typical Engagement

Lead-to-Account Matching
We believe strongly in executing an account-based sales and marketing strategy. Lead-to-account matching is foundational for proper execution.
Pipeline Attribution
We will implement multiple attribution models to fully understand the customer buying journey and the ROI of your marketing campaigns.
Email Nurturing
We will help develop and implement a nurturing strategy to educate and convert leads into qualified pipeline and customers.
Lead Scoring
Lead scoring is a delicate science that needs to be properly implemented in order to maximize the productivity of your team.
Lead Follow-Up
We will help develop the strategy, process, and reporting to understand exactly how the sales team is following up with leads.
Funnel Optimization
Being able to measure and report on marketing and sales funnels is critical to identify bottlenecks and optimize throughput.
Salesforce Administration
We deeply understand the Salesforce platform and ecosystem, so you'll be able to lean on our expertise for sales ops as well.
Database Hygiene
Maintaining a complete, clean, GDPR-compliant database impacts your brand, marketing, and productivity of your sales team.
Lead Routing
Need help routing leads to the right reps? This is out bread-and-butter with Align.ly Lead-to-Account.
Territory Planning
Does sales leadership need help with territory planning? We will support them with data from marketing to make equitable decisions.
Marketing Budget Support
Need help analyzing past performance and building a plan for the future? We'll help with analysis, budgeting, and a bullet-proof plan.
KPIs and Metrics
Need help determining the KPIs and metrics that matter to your business? We've got you covered.
List Imports
We'll clean and enrich lead and account lists before importing them into your database. We will also tag and route them to the right owners.
Reporting & Dashboards
We will built out robust, yet easy-to-consume reports and dashboards in either Salesforce or your marketing automation platform.
It's just as important to fully document new processes and functionality as it is to implement! We take this seriously.
Training & Onboarding
Hiring new marketing and sales team members? Need them trained up on tools and process? We have you covered.

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