Is an alternative to LeanData?

We are frequently asked if Lead-to-Account Matching for Salesforce is an alternative to LeanData, so we decided to write a blog post explaining the differences.

Free vs Paid Lead-to-Account Matching is offered as a free solution. Yes, you read that right, the full version of the software is 100% free. LeanData on the other hand is a paid solution. They don’t have pricing on their website, but I don’t know it isn’t cheap.

SMB/Mid-Market vs Enterprise Lead-to-Account Matching is really focused on serving B2B companies in the SMB and Mid-Market. This means companies that have fewer than 1,000 employees. As you grow to 1,000+ employees most likely your needs will become much more sophisticated and you’ll probably outgrow’s solution and be ready to invest in LeanData. LeanData is an outstanding solution for enterprise companies as it has all the bells and whistles needed to do complex account matching and lead routing.

Lightweight vs Robust Lead-to-Account Matching is a simple, light-weight solution designed to solve 95% of the problem. LeanData is a more robust solution that solves 100% of the problem. However, solving “the last mile” definitely adds a lot of complexity to the solution. The questions you’ll want to ask yourself are what is “good enough” and what is “overkill” in your environment?

So, is Lead-to-Account Matching a competitor to LeanData? In my opinion, no, as we are two solutions solving the same problem, but we are both meant for two very different audiences.

Interested in Lead-to-Account Matching? Download the Salesforce App here and view our install videos and documentation here.